Grading Policies

Class participation is very important.  This includes paying attention in class, so be focused and ready!  


Tests                                            40%
Quizzes                                       25 %
Homework                                25%
Classroom Participation      10%


*  Homework must be completed daily.  If not, a “zero” will be given. Your agenda book will be stamped “Homework Not Done” in red, and the agenda book must be signed by parent. Points will be deducted accordingly. (Each zero = 5 points off of homework average.   Each “incomplete” = 3 points off.)          

  *  Homework needs to be completed the day it is assigned in order for it to benefit you.

*  On the day(s) you are absent, it is expected that you call a “study buddy” for the assignment  and complete all homework given during your absence. Homework is also posted online daily (see “Links” at top right of this page – under the flags)

*  Providing homework to a classmate for the purpose of copying will result in a zero  for both the provider and the unprepared student.